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How to Lighten Body Hair

If you have extra dark or excess body hair, you may be wondering how to lighten the body hair. Lightening body hair using a bleaching creme is a fantastic alternative to other meth...

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How to Bleach Facial Hair: A Step-by-Step Guide

Women of all ages experience facial hair for a variety of reasons, from pure genetics to hormone changes resulting from childbirth and menopause. When we get hair on our lips and c...

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Eyebrow Shaping With Bleach: Benefits & Preparation

Eyebrow shapes play a huge role in enhancing the overall appearance of our faces. Properly groomed eyebrows can help soften our look, give more definition to our eyes and even impa...

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easy Facial Hair Remover Kit
Easy & Painless Facial Hair Removal at Home: A Step by Step Guide

Using Jolen’s NEW Facial Hair Remover Kit Considering facial hair removal as a solution for unwanted hair on your cheeks, upper lip, chin or neck? The new Jolen Facial Hair Remo...

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